"TEACCH" is a communication tool involving pictures which can be used as a simple calendar, diary or travel planner for the service user.

We use the TEACCH method to help communicate with our services users whether it is on a day board, travel board, or flash cards - whichever suits the individual.

TEACCH allows the service user to understand what the plan is for the day; what is happening now and next, and to also communicate their immediate needs to others as well as when a choice is offered. 

We do each TEACCH board to suit the individual and include pictures of themselves, activities they attend and items they use.

Social Story Techniques

A social story is a unique short description of a situation, event or activity and includes specific information about what the service user can expect in that situation. This helps them to understand and accept social situations, social skills and appropriate behaviours. For more information on social stories please click here. Our techniques are adopted by this brilliant creation by Carol Gray.

The 5-Point Scale is behaviour strategies to help the people we support have more independence in controlling their own behaviours and emotional reactions to everyday events. It can be adapted to suit the needs of any type of behaviour or obsession that they may struggle with from speaking loudly to anxieties. It is a visual aid using colours and numbers to suit people’s needs and can works closely with flash cards.

Example of TEACCH
Person Centred Communication Systems
Examples of How we Train People to Use Simple "Makaton"
Makaton Skills

Makaton is a communication programme using signs and symbols in spoken word order.  It is a very meaningful and effective tool as it enables individuals who have no speech or unclear speech, to connect with each other and the world around them.  KTM Care Ltd have service users who successfully use Makaton to communicate with our staff who are trained in the use of Makaton techniques, in-house. Click here for more information.

For more information on the TEACCH method, click here.
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