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KTM Care pride themselves on using the most appropriate methods of communication for our service users.

We strive to ensure that everyone is given the appropriate methods / tools to communicate their wants and needs and to break down the frustration of not being understood!

Using PECS / TEACCH, Objects of reference helps considerably to communicate simple wants or needs and backed up with Makaton creates a communication system that is both enabling and trusting. This of course is all part of the service that KTM provide and working with Timetables, Weekly Planners, Travel Planners etc we can help the service user to feel reassured by the ‘now and the next’ activity or plan.

It is essential for people on the Autistic Spectrum to have a beginning, middle and an end to their day. Using TEACCH and Timetables does help to reassure and keep the individual informed of what’s going on around them and often with limited verbal input.

Of course everyone with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder is different and unique which is why we take a ‘person centred approach’ to all. Working with the person, their family and all other people involved in the person’s life we work together to make sure we build a meaningful and consistent Communication passport that not only gives clear guidance on how the person likes to communicate but also a good clear picture to every aspect of the individual’s journey with us.

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